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Everything, Butt the Kitchen Sink

Today we bring you a new update of the oh so cute, Bree!

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Bree is our 19 year old Cutie with a nice booty. See Bree get all wet as she does the dishes in the kitchen!

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New Shoot with Bree

Today was a great day! We got to get some more shots of Bree in today and man does she look H.O.T!

We decided to jump into the bed and get a good shoot in with Bree rolling around in the sheets. She has such a great body and a sexy as hell look in those eyes, what guy could resist jumping into bed with her. Am I right?
Bree started off by rolling around in the bed sheets for a while, but soon enough, off came the top. What a tease!

Here is a sample of what I’m talking about. The sets aren’t ready for the members area yet, but this will wet your whistle! Check live-strip-sex.

Excuse our absence…

To those that have been following our blog, we apologize for our absence over the last month and a half. We have been looking at options to rebuild and make the site and blog better for more people to enjoy. During the last month we have found some answers on our direction and have recommitted to the success and more importantly, the fun of CandyCoatedCuties. We hope that some of you have stayed with us and that this update is a good thing to see. With that being said, we would like to give an example of one of our hottest new models to CandyCoatedCuties. Her name is Bree and she will be featured shortly. She is only 19 years old and is the cutest of the cuties to date! She has some sexy photo sets and they are on their way.
So excuse our absence, and excuse our dust as we continue to clean things up and get ready for our next push.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Todays Update

Jeska is our kinkiest little Cutie so far, and we love it!

Looking innocent in a mini-skirt and sweater vest, Jeska sucks on a lollipop, but before too long she places the lollipop in the hay barrel and starts tonguing it and sucking the end of it like she was playing with the tip of a dick. Jeska bends over in her short mini-skirt to show you her perfect ass and then takes the lollipop and uses it on her Candy!

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“eh.. Goin My Way”?

Just to switch things up… a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon clip for your Hump Day!

When we came across this today, we thought it was hilarious! :)

“Aren’t they all witches inside”?     :) LOL!!

Not us, right? We are the CandyCoatedCuties…we are sweet on the outside! And definitely NOT witches on the inside! HAHA!. Check https://xpornmofos.com.

Have a good Wednesday!


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Cat Fight!

It seems so strange when people cheat on eachother how everyone else gets involved and starts to pick sides.

Just recently one of The Cuties (Michelle Bombshell), had some sort of “scandal”. She slept with biker and psuedo-reality star Jesse James while he was still married to Sandra Bullock. Big Woop! :o is what we say. I’m sure he slept with many more chicks while Sandra was away shooting horrible movies. Whatever right? Anyway, this breaks up their marriage and now everyone is calling Michelle Bombshell names and picking sides. Chelsea Handler is calling her a bitch and many more are saying horrible things about Michelle.

I mean, I get it, poor Sandra right? She was the innocent one… but come-fuckin-on. Don’t kill Michelle over it! Didn’t Jesse fuck up?? Sure you haven’t heard a word on anyone calling Jesse a horrible person… nope… just Michelle.


Michelle is a beautiful girl and is getting the wrong end of this mishap.

Aint love grand?

Todays Update

Feeling a bit more kinky this time, Elena puts on some hot pink undies and bra set. And to top it all off she throws on some black leggings and black gloves. SEXY! Elena’s petite little body looks great in these hot clothes.. but even hotter out of them!

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