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How to cancel your membership

CCBill's Support Center
Epoch Support Center
90% of memberships are processed via CCBill
Some memberships are processed via Epoch
generally if you were first declined by CCBill
Phone: 1-888-596-9279
Phone: 1-800-893-8871


For problems accessing the Members Area, try these simple tips first....

Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive, did you use any upper case letters?
Is your "Caps Lock" key on?
Check that the "Secret Word" in the gray box is being entered correctly.
Have you tried to gain access more than 5 times in a row?
Our security system will block you after 5 attempts you will need to wait one hour before you try again
Has your subscription expired?
Are you sure you have a membership to this site?

Still having problems?

Sometimes a usernames can get hacked, it's hard to say how or why, but it happens.
If you're still having access problems try the Username Change Form below.

Or if you want you can also contact CCBill or Epoch directly to change your username.
Be sure to change your username not just your password. Our system tracks usernames so just changing your password won't fix the problem.

You can also contact us directly at the phone number listed below.

Username Change Form
Note: You need to supply a valid email address and all requests are checked for active subscriptions
This is not a automated system so it can take up to 24hrs for your request to be processed.

Your Name:  
Your Email:  
Web Site you are having problems with:  
Current Username:  
Current Password:  
What you would like for a new Username:  
Remember to use any capital letters just as you type them here.
Please enter the text shown in the gray window above  

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How to contact us directly

ICQ  #89580702

Phone: 702-235-9819
It's ok to call we wouldn't put the number here if we didn't want you too call.
You can even use text messaging if you would rather.
1am to 1pm Zulu Time

Gmail Talk ""
Yahoo Messenger "klozov"
Skype: oliversgirls

Use Google Voice to connect with us directly.
Simply click the "Call Me" icon above and enter your phone number then Google Voice
will call you and connect you directly to our studio office, you can even make your number private.